Friday, June 3

Experience VS Side income

Asslamualaikum and Hi my readers, today I want to share all my experience during diploma which is most of it involving with business. I hope I can help other girls with these entries. Hope you guys enjoy!

 During my diploma, I had joined business event at college. My experience business during diploma program was awesome! When I was in semester 2, assignment Marketing was my first introduce to join a business. My group chooses to make a cocktail fruit for our business. So, after we decided to make cocktail and then we divided into small group. One group will be marketing planners and went to groceries respectively. During the day, our group done selling cocktail within 2 hours with profit if I’m not mistaken RM120. I am very thankful to my group with the achievement. Our modal just RM50. Our energy had been paid off. Alhamdulillah syukur. Here are the pictures. 

 On the same year, I started my first business with selling 20 pieces of scarf. For the first, I can’t imagine with 20 pieces I need to be sold out. But Alhamdulillah I had sold 16 pieces and the balance is unsold. For me it gives big achievement because I can stand-alone sold half of my scarf. I am proud with myself. In addition, with supports from family that always boost up my motivation to trust the ‘rezeki’ comes from Allah. My starting just Rm150 and my return after sold RM240. For me, it’s fine I can cover back my modal. Alhamdulillah. I had used blogged for my marketing to sell my scarf. Here are the pictures.

 Early 2016, I was thinking to sell all of my cloth, shoes and more. More than 100+ scarf, 20 pieces top, 10 pieces jeans, 3 pair of shoes and more. What I am going to do with these all things. A LOT. With a hanging 2 bags of Ikea that full out my prelove item, I walking around my kuaters from level to level, house to house. Yes I am doing. I am not desperate want to have side income but I love doing these. I love business. For me it doesn’t you have premises, stall or other types of ‘building’ to start your business. Start from there, I have a best experience to meet people. Don’t give up my girls. Round round round and round from level to level, then I tried to sell online. Yes it work! I am selling at Carousell (@faanuar). Well actually Carousell itself is a website that approach people to sell their prelove items. So, I am a happy girl!

Last semester, I had joined car boot sales event at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and the experience was great! This is my first experience joined with outsider event. During the event, I am selling my prelove items. I’m selling scarf, beg, blouse, skirts, dress, shoes, necklace and more. The best experience is I had communicated with a lot of customers with different of age and the environment of the event was great. All participation are student from UiTM, UTP, KPM and more. My profit during the event was RM120 and zero modal. How come! I had joined with my friends and we rent our lot for selling our prelove items. 

 Same year on last semester, my lecturer approaches me and Wawa to sell her prelove items. Most of her prelove was lipsticks, blushers and more. Her lipstick was in good condition and most of her prelove items 97% in good condition and tiptop! Most of 50 pieces of lipsticks and blushers she give to sell. And you know what, all the lipsticks had been sold out. I am so blessed to Allah I have ‘rezeki’ in other way. With zero modal, my friends and I earn more than RM200 each. Alhamdulillah Syukur.

 Being a student is the best feeling ever. I am appreciated each semester hahaha. Don’t mess it with our schedule. Have a time enjoy your life as student with your classmate, lecturers and more. Be smart while studies. I wasting my weekend with explore Ipoh and trying new food! About business, my tips is low your modal as you can. After that, double your profit. Haha. Ikut you guys lah nak double ke tak kan haha. Thanks for read my girls! FAA